Successfully Staging A Home With Pets

Dated: 06/18/2018

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Successfully Staging a Home With Pets

Are you looking to sell your home? If so, the right staging can can impact how much buyers arewilling to pay for your home. You need potential buyers to feel at home in your house, and petscan be a distraction. There are ways to take the focus off your pets and put it on your property.Follow these simple steps to stage your home with success.

Set a Goal

Before you stage your home, take some time to think about your sale price. Research sellingand buying a new home in your area so that you’re prepared. You may need to makeadjustments so that you can get the return you need, and buy a new home of your own.According to Redfin, the median home sale pricein Long Beach, California, is $575,000, butproper staging can boost the return from your home. Keep this in mind while you set up yourspace and talk to your realtor about how to get the maximum sale price. Make this the focus ofall of your staging efforts and try to keep potential buyers in mind as you stage your property.

Clean Your Home

Pets leave paw prints on our hearts, but they also tend to leave paw prints around the house aswell. When you’re selling you house, there’s no such thing as “too clean,” so make sure youclean those paw prints, and any other messes, up. Put together a deep clean checklistandthoroughly clean every inch of your space. Get rid of clutter as you go to open up your roomsand make your home appear spacious and welcoming. Potential buyers tend to pick up onsmells too, so be sure to get rid of odorscoming from fabrics, furniture, or carpet. Think aboutupdating paint to cut down on odors and give your home a fresh feel.

Let in Extra Light

Want an easy way to make your home feel more inviting? Open up the curtains and let in somelight. The right lightingcan set a mood and make your property appear cleaner and moreappealing to potential buyers. If your pet has left nose prints or other marks on the windows,wipe windowsto help add more sparkle to your space. Looking to brighten a room with nowindows? Grab some inexpensive lamps on your next shopping trip and place themstrategically around the room. Be sure to replace light bulbs around your home as well.

Upgrade Outdoor Spaces

A welcoming outdoor space can help sell your home. Perk up your yards with some simpleupgrades that will attract higher bids from buyers. Pick up any pet waste or toys lying around.Fill in sparse spots in your lawn, and be sure to keep it mowed and free of weedswhile thehouse is on the market. Add some water-wise plants, flowers, and hedges around your propertyto bring in a little more life. Have some extra time on the weekend? Consider putting in a smalldeck or patio out back. It’s a fairly simple DIY projectthat can make a big difference to buyers.

Have a Plan for Your Pet

Showing a home with pets can be tricky. While having a pet-friendly property is a positive forsome potential buyers, having pets present can make it hard for buyers to focus on your home.Your best bet is to set up some time with a pet sitteror boarding facility to keep your pet safeand calm when your home is being shown. Drop them off before work so your house will beready for impromptu appointments. It’s a good idea to pick up pet items, such as leashes,bowls, and beds, before people visit your home as well. You don’t want to hide your pets frompotential buyers but they shouldn’t be the main focus of their visits.

Selling a home with pets can be hassle-free if you follow a few simple steps. Cleaning is alwaysimportant, as are easy upgrades that add value to your home. Help potential buyers seethemselves in your home and you’ll sell your home for a price that makes you happy.

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