eXp Realty California - CRMLS Testimonials

Joe Roy is a realtor I can describe in one word: Excellent.

Everything he has done towards buying and selling our past two houses has matched and far exceeded any expectation we could have had for a realtor. The house we sold most recently was surrounded by difficulties that were overcome with ease by Joe, who presented himself as the seasoned pro he is throughout. He did the work of two realtors I might add as the other party asked him constantly for his advice and counsel throughout the process. If you are looking for someone who does a subpar job look elsewhere, but if you are looking for the far and away best man for the job..... Go C Joe.

Angela Collier

My family and I are so pleased to announce we bought our HOME!

Our agent, Sonia Moncayo,was tenacious and made this deal happen. She has a great personality — a true professional, thorough, responsive, and a total problem solver. If we had not had Sonia, as OUR agent, this deal might have fallen apart. She found solutions and gave us sound advice on how to get to escrow. A couple of weeks ago, we felt like we hit a brick wall, but Sonia, NEVER gave up and coached us the final level and made it happen. We will “forever” be thankful for having SONIA and her awesome Team on our side with Sonia Moncayo as the leader. Thank you for our FOREVER Home

Placencia Family

Lauren went above and beyond to make sure our home sold.

She is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great dedicated real estate agent. Our first deal fell through and she quickly staged a new open house to put us back on track.

Brenda Brockway

Lauren Cotner is an amazing Realtor I recommend her highly and have enjoyed working with her.

Sylvia Ghani

Karen helped make the process of buying our first home stress free and simple.

She was extremely helpful and patient when looking for our perfect home. She made sure we understood the process and was very responsive. Having someone I could trust was very important to me and I had that with Karen. I would recommend her to my family and friends.

Danielle Wolf

Overall star rating: 5.

0 Ratings Breakdown: 5 stars (4), 4 stars (0), 3 stars (0), 2 stars (0),1 stars (0) 2017 Andy T. 08/27/17 Jim was very helpful and available through the whole process. He has also provided us a lot of great information as we get to know Chico.

Andrew Trent

Very professional, knowledgable,and knows the South Bay better than anybody.

Great agent

Gary Dudley

Bryen was very professional and handled all the issues that arose promptly.

We had an offer in less than a week and closed pretty much on time. We never felt pressured into anything we weren't comfortable with. We would definitely use Bryen again!


Jesse & Karla are a great team!

Very caring, set me up with daily emails showing me what was available, answering my many questions, always willing to assist with whatever I had questions on. I think the fact that they worked as a team, they always had answers-they compliment each other well. The follow up was great and they always encouraged me in my home search when I would become discouraged. They told me I would find something and they were so right!

Ivette Barreto

Daniel helped me find the perfect house in a very short amount of time.

He knew exactly what type of house we were looking for and was always available to answer any and all of my questions! Definitely recommend working with Daniel!!

Brian Lee

赏心悦目--这本是形容物件或者佳肴的一个词,但在我和范晓天合作完后,我觉得用这个词来形容晓天做人/做事最恰当不过了。 和范晓天认识是因为巧合以及缘分,但后面随着合作的推进和深入,我逐渐感受到了不一样的购房体验。我在中国大陆,购房时人没有去美国,是在美国第二次购房,没有现场看房,需要办理银行贷款,需要将房屋出租,这本身就不是一个简单而容易的CASE,期间花费了晓天大量的时间/精力,遇到了很多突发的状况。 赏心--是因为和晓天沟通我觉得非常的高效,愉悦,并且能感受到一个人生经历颇丰的女士所散发出的人格魅力,我没有感觉到这是一个房地产交易,反而更像是朋友之间共处一些事; 悦目--是因为晓天对洛城周边房地产的非常了解,业务精湛,思路清晰,处理问题有条不紊,不言放弃。 因为在美国是第二套房,加上若干次去过洛杉矶,所以就不打算过去亲自看房,委托晓天全权办理,中途遇到问题,晓天不是单纯的问我怎么办,而是提出很多建设性的方案,我的贷款办理过程波折曲回,时间点卡的很严,晓天一直锲而不舍的帮我沟通和追踪,其中还有若干细节,不一一陈数。 这个点评,也是我对晓天的感谢信,谢谢你

Hunter Zhang

通过晓天购买了尔湾的房屋,在购买过程中很有缘分,去看这处房屋时晓天帮忙约到了卖方经纪,大家直接就在房间里面谈了购买意向,在考虑了一天后,下单,成交。 后来我返回中国,在贷款和转户过程中出现了很多意料不到的情况(当然,都是我们的原因和领事馆的原因造成的),在这个过程中,我感受到了晓天的专业能力,如果说前面购房部分都千篇一律的话,那么在过户过程中所出现的问题处理就非常考虑经纪人的专业素养了,晓天的协调能力非常棒,同时也非常热心,积极,乐观,很有感染力!经过几方几次协调,包括过户/贷款/出租等等。最后顺利成交!! By the way, 前天,我的房子已经顺利出租,开始收租金啦!!! 谢谢晓天!

Ziwei Xiao

Barbara and Bree are awesome!

They are very personable, attentive, and most of all patient. They provide all the necessary resources to assist in your big home buying decision. I will use them again, and strongly recommend them to anyone thinking about buying or selling!

Maxwell Tatar

David is a top agent in negotiation.

He is able to present the client in such a way, that gets them the home. His understanding and knowledge of investment properties, helps him find profitable properties. David is one of the few agents that understand "how to determine if the property pencils"!


Bryen Wright is an extremely professional Real Estate Agent to have worked with us.

he is very honest, bright, friendly, and courteous. Bryen was much fun to work with. Ask Bryen what it is you would like, and he will go out of his way, no matter what it takes, to get it for you. P.S. GO BRYEN WRIGHT !!! Personally, my feelings are, that this Company should be extremely proud to have Mr. Wright working for this Company. Respectfully, Mr. Guzman


Overall star rating: 5.

0 Ratings Breakdown: 5 stars (4), 4 stars (0), 3 stars (0), 2 stars (0),1 stars (0) 2017 Cali H. 10/08/17 I am so glad we had the opportunity to be your clients. My husband and I both felt we were in excellent hands. All of our needs were met above and beyond without having to ask. All we had to do was sit back with our feet up and let Jim handle it!!!! We are so excited and happy to begin our next chapter in our new house !!!! Thank you so much Jim!!!

Cali Harrell

We contacted Lynn about a rental in Redondo Beach about a year ago.

She was super to work with and very professional. Lynn has since become a good friend and we would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is very dedicated to her job and her family. Always upbeat and smiling. Helped me rent a Multi Family home in Redondo Beach, CA.

04/13/2016 - Marjorie and Walter Malishka

Teri recently sold our home in Pasadena.

Teri was EXEMPLARY! She went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every part of the process of selling our home went smoothly and professionally. The marketing materials were impeccable and absolutely superior to anything else in the market that we saw. We are working with other agents out of state for the next chapter in our lives and I can say unequivocally that we haven't met anyone out there who can measure up to the very high bar that Teri has set for us. For sure we have been spoiled. Her knowledge, strategy, expertise, unwavering sincerity, and professionalism have provided us the most rewarding experience we could have hoped for! If you are looking for the BEST out there, you have found her! We will emphatically refer her to all of our friends!

Michael R.

We were recently looking for a condominium and could not find one that met all the requirements on our checklist.

We were very lucky to have Tom as our real estate agent because he would not give up until we found what we were looking for. He found us a place and it was perfect. The only thing not perfect was the difficult situation the property was in regarding the financial situation around the owner. Since we loved the place so much, Tom buckled down and got to work. This man fought harder than we ever thought anyone would for us. He was diplomatic while being a ruthless negotiator to get us not only a good deal but guide us through the arduous path through what turned into the short sale from hell. Tom got us through the transaction and was there for us every step of the way. His communication with us and the sellers agent was outstanding and we feel so incredibly lucky to have had him as our agent. There is no doubt in my mind any other realtor would have just given up. I strongly recommend Tom without any reservation for your transaction as I have no doubt that Tom will be one of the most sought after real estate agents in Orange County. M.S


Bryen was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Being first time home buyers can be intimidating and overwhelming, but Bryen made the process easy, fast and painless. Bryen asked us what we were looking for, and made sure we looked at homes that met our criteria and were in our budget. He led us through every step, explaining everything and making sure we were taken care of. He kept us informed and always responded to our questions, calls or emails quickly. He's an all around great guy, and we had a great time looking at homes with him. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great realtor!!!


Terra was an awesome Realtor!

She answered all of our questions and she was willing to take us to properties on our time. We had a lot of laughs during our house hunting. She helped us to find the perfect house for us. She kept us updated on new houses that had come on the market. It was a great experience and I highly recommend her to everyone!

Mike and Kandace Heckman

因为毕业季,家人来美国。 一开始,对在美国购房并无概念。东跑西撞,漫无目的。在确定了买房目的地之后,走近尔湾,结识了晓天阿姨,情形就发生了转变。从了解我们的需求,寻找合适房源,实地探访,梳理比较,到确定目标,无不体现出她的热情丶细致丶周到及专业的服务水平。 交房后,仍有许多善后工作需要处理,但她仍尽自己所能提供最大的帮助。 我们为她点赞。她是一位可信赖的专业房地产经纪人。

Ai Wen

Karen was fantastic to work with!

Karen is extremely organized, knowledgeable, responds to emails and texts promptly, and operates with integrity. She offers great personalized attention. Karen's resourcefulness and knowledge was instrumental in helping us find a loan agent who could process our unique circumstances. Without her expert assistance we would not be in our home today.

Christine Balling

Tom went above and beyond for my fiance and I in helping us buy our first condo.

He was professional and positive, and always stayed in touch with us. The seller's agent was excuse driven and unprofessional, poorly communicated, and resulted in a longer escrow and more work for Tom. But Tom did it all, working with the seller's side, escrow, and our loan officer, Cole, to make it happen for us. Tom is aggressive yet diplomatic, and truly will hustle and work hard for you. Thank you, Tom, for making a difficult transaction happen for us!!!


Daniel and team made this an incredibly easy and stress-free process.

He was accessible at all times and answered all the questions I had every step of the way. I would suggest Daniel to family and friends and will be using him in the future!

Tony Montenegro

Edna is a professional and dedicated realtor.

She truly puts her clients needs before anything else. I would highly recommend Edna with all your real estate needs!

Lila Rose Banks

Sonia Moncayo, is a very knowledgeable Realtor.

We were extremely pleased with all of her work and found her to be very professional,courteous,competent, and friendly throughout the whole process. She will always answer all our questions regarding different properties that we used to visit and just like any other first time buyer we were always asking a lot of questions and she was always answering them in detail. We were so impressed that we never even considered going with another agent or company. She was just the perfect Realtor that everybody wants to have specially when you are buying a house for the first time. She will help you out in all ways so you can get a great deal and be happy. Sonia is the type of Realtor that makes you feel confident when it comes to make a final decision to purchase your house. I highly recommend her job skills if you are planning to,purchase a home, you won’t regret!

Francisco J Muratalla

bryen saved me i was using someone who didn't know the values in the area Bryen came in and made it happen!

also great to work with in both buying or selling i am using bryen for both and recommend him highly.


Breanna was my saving grace as a first-time homebuyer.

Breanna worked hard to provide me with essential home-buying information long before I was committed, yet never rushed me to begin my process before I was ready to do so. Breanna was very flexible and fast-acting whether it was meeting me for an open house on a weekend or planning to tour a new listing within hours of its posting. Breanna always made the process a breeze for a busy client like myself by using smart phone applications to suggest listings and electronic document signing for paperwork. Breanna fought hard for my offers and always worked for my best interest, not her own. Lastly, Breanna is a part of a greater team that supports every client. Breanna and Barbara from Team Legg assist each other, step in when one is unavailable (which is few and far between), and work seamlessly together to help their clients find their dream home. Without a second thought, I would work with Breanna and Team Legg again

Jamie Padilla

For someone who has worked in the business for 10+ years, Tom was a solid agent to work with.

He showed us multiple properties at different times that fit our demanding schedules. He also sent us new listings on a daily basis to fit our detailed request and was never farther than a phone call, text or email away to answer any question that we had. He made our rental search a rather easy process. Thanks again Tom


Highly likely to recommend 03/28/2017 - jvaghy Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Omaha, NE.

Local knowledge: Process expertise: Responsiveness: Negotiation skills: Jamie was fantastic to work with. She has excellent communication skills and was available each time we had questions. Jamie provided terrific guidance on how to stage our home for the sale and sold our home within a week. She was very experienced during the negotiation process and gave us tremendous advice. I would highly recommend using Jamie as your realtor, you’ll be happy you did!

Joe Vaghy (Northwest Omaha Seller)

Ratings Breakdown: 5 stars (4), 4 stars (0), 3 stars (0), 2 stars (0),1 stars (0) 2017 Scott L.

04/26/17 Jim did an excellent job in making sure I had the inspections done and paper work completed in a timely manner. He made selling my house a quick and easy process. Prepared and professional making in making the sell of my house painless and pleasant. Further, Jim was supportive after the sale of my house by offering assistance in getting connected to a realtor when I moved to another state. Very good experience. Scott Lobato

Scott Lobato

I would highly recommend Breanna & Barbara to anyone looking to buy a home.

This was not the usual house hunting as I reside in NY and was purchasing a second home in CA. They were extremely helpful & patient with us while looking! when we found one they went right to work! Securing the offer and helping us all the way until handing us the keys! You have to be able to fully trust the realtor when you are house shopping long distance and we put 100% trust in them :)

William & Vicki Griffin

每每想来写贴,总担心自己词不达意,不足以表达我对晓天的赞许及感激。与晓天在网络上相识就是缘分,后来的接触及成功买房租房的经历,更让我坚信她将是我一生的好友。 她快乐丶活泼,拥有专业的房产知识,又是一个对生活对工作认真负责的人。与她聊天我了解到了美国生活的方方面面,跟她一起看房是一次参观旅游享受的过程。我利用假期紧紧张张的7天时间跑到洛杉矶,她提前帮我做足了功课,看的每一套房都是高质量的,几乎满足我的各项条件。等我回到国后,她几乎帮我承办了所有的买房手续;注册支付水电气等utitlity费用;后来又帮我找租赁公司,签合同;亲自跑去敲邻居的门找信得过的园丁丶修理工等。。。总之,她帮我做的,远远超出了一个房产经纪人该做的,她完完全全把这个房当成自己的房在搭理。最终房子在过户到我名下后5天就以评估价的最高价租赁出去,整个过程快乐而高效。极力推荐大家,不管在哪个区买房,找她先了解了解情况,甚至只是聊聊天,都会很有收获的。 最后再次感谢晓天,我们会永远做朋友!

Yunxia Jiang

My wife and I recently, happily and quickly sold our townhome in Marina del Rey thanks to the hard working efforts of our realtor and now friend, Alessandra Castrogiovanni (Alex).

She was and is a neighborhood expert and excellent guide, as she educated us and marketed our home with the best media for the Southern California market, which resulted in immediate and numerous cash offers way above our initial price. We broke a record for the highest sale thanks to her! We are totally pleased with Alex's efforts and results. The new owners purchased a sparkling beautiful home, thanks to Alex's foresight. She is a 5 out of 5 Star realtor!

Lou G.

Jack and I just wanted to give you a quick note to thank you for your help with the recent purchase of our condo in Eastlake.

We were most impressed with how professional you were. From the first time we met to discuss purchasing a home for our kids to live in, you were so enthusiastic and really listened to what it was we were looking for. You were willing to make time to take us to various locations that you thought would be a good fit and you were honest about those that would not be right for us. We had every confidence that you knew the area well and had done your homework before you took us out to see a property. You were always prompt in returning our phone calls or getting back with us. You stayed on top of what was going on and were one step ahead anticipating what was next so there were very few delay’s from beginning to end. We appreciated when you sent us little encouraging notes and texts to keep us from going crazy when our escrow seemed to take forever. Last, but certainly not least was how you recommended other professional’s like yourselves to help with things like the home inspection. We knew if you recommended them we could trust them to get the job done and to do it in the same manner we had come to expect from you. Jack and I are so thankful for Team Legg and we would be happy to recommend Barbara & Breanna to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell. We are happy to not only call you our Realtors but also our friends and we look forward to working with you again sometime

Jack & Cheryl Close

Darren is more than just a realtor.

He doesn't ask or encourage you to buy something you don't want. He'll work with you every step of the way to buy you a home that you want.


Lynne was a God-sent!

Found her via a blog discussing best schools in LA. Was in LA in March 2016 for a week, exploring lodging possibilities for my family's July 2016 move to the city. Within a week she helped me fine-tune my search criteria, identify and see dozens of properties that matched these criteria, and finally find our dream property on the south bay, at the right price! Her extensive network of highly competent other agents, escrow companies, and lenders, made this out-of-state purchase as smooth as it could be, all with a smile and an infectiously positive attitude. She really felt like family and did her best for ours! If you need to buy or sell your home, just contact Lynne! I'll be entering the same review in all relevant forums. This lady needs to be recognized!!

Pantelis V.

I was long distance and was referred to Darren.

He went above and beyond to help with everything from process explanations to following up with tenants. He had a strong grasp on the market conditions and maximized our options in pricing and listing. He was a tremendous help throughout a very complicated transaction. I could not have higher praise for the many ways he helped make the sale happen. He is a PRO!


Professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

.. if you are looking for a home in or around Pasadena -- Edna's the one to call!

Anthony M. Humphries

You have made our move here a great joy.

Here's to a great 2014!

The Harris Family

Edna is great!

She was very helpful, answered all our questions, and helped us find a beautiful home that we love! We highly recommend her.

Bryan Heesch

We used Greg at Progress Realty to sell our Long Beach home.

We met with three other realtors before making our decision but Greg seemed to be better prepared for the initial meeting. His presentation was well thought out, his strategy to sell our home was on point, and he just seemed more motivated than the other three. We have not sold a home in over 15 years and with the changing climate of real estate sales Greg was right there to walk us through the process. He updated us on a daily basis, was able to get us full asking price, and sold our home in ten days. He was present at all inspections, the appraisal, and worked with escrow to ensure the sale went through. This guy really has his act together. We have another home that we are selling a few years down the road and we wouldn't consider any other agent. Thank you Greg.

Tim Jordan


Qiwen Yu

I have worked with Greg in the past and I must say that He has an excellent work ethic.

He is very polite, proficient, and really cares for his clients. I would definitely recommend Greg to anyone in need of a great Real Estate agent. Keep up the good work Greg. Smiles... :)

Terese Ambriz

Darren worked diligently with us through the whole process.

He picked out potential houses that fit our desire, one of which we selected. He kept in contact and also communicated with our selling realtor. Darren provided info regarding utilities so we could connect before arriving. He paid attention to details that could have been overlooked and learned about us so he could better suit our needs. He even provided a Stanford (football) flag, even though Darren is a USC fan! We are very grateful for Darren's great assistance and recommend him highly


Lauren knows her stuff!

She's got the knowledge and talent to get the job done and has a huge network of people around her. She sold our house in 2 weeks and there was even a bidding war! What more could a seller ask for? She told us exactly what needed to be done to get the house ready to sell and even picked up a paintbrush and hammer and worked along side us to make the place sparkle. She truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to make sure that they are well taken care of. We couldn't be more pleased that we chose her to be our Realtor! Now she's helping us find a new home. She really is the best!

Elizabeth DeLeon

我是为了感谢范姐才专门来这儿注册的。两年前我们还在中国就开始关注范姐的搜房地产博客,受益非浅,而且被她的真实和才华所感动,相信她就是我们可以完全信任的经纪人。在我们来美国前就全权委托她帮我们买了一套投资房,并且租了出去。在买房过程中,范姐为我们做了很多我们完全意想不到的事情,而且不厌其烦的给我们讲解翻译,完全把买房的事儿当成她自己的投资。后来我们又在她的帮助下买到了喜欢的自住房,遇到很多问题,范姐都非常专业地解决了,我们全家都非常满意!深深体会到在美国买房和在中国买房完全是两码事,不是随便什么人都做得好的。我们真心地感激范姐,她让我们轻轻松松地在异国安了家,还成了我们的好朋友,我们极力向大家推荐洛杉矶最值得信任的地产经纪人。 五星都不够啊.

Shanbo Liang

Jim listed my Corona Del Mar home for $1,949,500.

I was amazed how diligently he worked to get my home sold and how well he worked with potential buyer’s agents to sell my home. He kept me informed every step of the way and offered recommendations to me when he felt I needed them. Jim is an extremely detail oriented agent that worked hard to sell my home and protect my interests. His efforts resulted in a successful home sale and I highly recommend Jim to anyone who is interested in selling their home. Thanks Jim!

The Eastman Family


I can simply say that Lynne Pope is AMAZING! She made the process fun, encouraging and hopeful! She found us the best place for us and worked hard to get us there and in the short time we needed to move. It was like shopping with a great friend. Definitely give her a call and let her help you. Helped me rent a home in Riviera, Torrance, CA 90277.

04/14/2016 - elizabethmakwara

Terri is simply the best real estate agent in the San Gabriel Valley.

Having dealt with so many apathetic agents over the years she is truly unique in going above and beyond what is needed to close the deal. She helped sell our house when our original agents (yup, we had more than one ) failed to finalize the sale. On top of that she negotiated a better deal on the rental we wanted. Thanks Terri!

Llena G.

I’m a first-time home buyer.

I was lucky to be introduced to Sonia Moncayo through my loan officer. Sonia is very good at what she does, very straightforward with you and willing to help you in any way possible that she can for you to live the American dream of owning your own house. Sonia makes her self-available and dedicates you the client her full attention. Sonia will take care of you every step of the process. highly recommend her to friends and family.

Arturo Perez

我第一次到美国看房是在正好一年以前,这一年里我买到了满意的房子,又经历了升级装修,买家具家电等等一系列的事情,这当中我学到了很多,感慨也很多。但我最大的心得就是一定要找到一位很棒的房产经纪人帮你。我们去美国买房和当地人买房肯定是不一样的,很多人都是对美国并不熟悉,也不是马上会过去生活,大多数甚至连看房的时间也不那么充裕,每次可能都是来去匆匆,所以房产经纪人真是至关重要。我很庆幸遇到晓天,也为自己慧眼识珠点赞。晓天她是个非常正直有原则的人,她介绍房子丶评估价格,分析优劣都是非常客观非常真诚的,她就是很中肯的给你意见,绝不会像有些经纪人那样报喜不报忧或者藏着掖着不说清楚。我很信赖她,现在我装修,买家具各种事都会问她,很多事她都跑前跑后帮我去办的,因为我毕竟在美国的时间不多。晓天不仅人品很正,能力也是超强的,她毕竟92年就去了美国,做房产经纪人也很多年了,这种资历阅历很难得,那种刚去美国没几年看了几本书考了个证的人和她相比肯定能力有差距的嘛。最难得的是她还非常有耐心有毅力,我记得当初有套房子其他都比较满意就是离小区围墙比较近,晓天就帮我去听声音吵不吵(那时我已经回国了嘛),白天晚上去了好几次,就站在房子外面听然后又录下声音发给我听;后来我又看上现在这个房子但房主并没有挂出来卖,为了帮我们试一试晓天就直接敲门去和房主沟通,突然冒出来买家,那家人根本不信,态度很不友好,后天晓天三番五次去和房主沟通,这其中不管碰了多少钉子她都没有放弃,最终我们买到了这个房子。晓天真的是另我刮目相看,这样也能买到房子,我觉得只有她能办到。人品 能力 态度,她就是这么棒!

Liang Zhao

This agent represented my late Father's estate an has unsurpassed expertise in the South Bay.

She is well connected with current market trends, economic conditions, and pricing. I would highly recommend her when looking to buy or sell property.

Steve Polcari

Lauren Cotner is one of the best Real estate agents we have ever worked with.

I would recommend her to anyone that wants to sell there house. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was always available to meet with us or just call and ask any questions. She did a great job!

Sharon Steffensen

最早和Roxanne晓天结缘,是从看她的blog开始的,文笔优美,深入浅出,教你在美购房如何选择,以及一些购房常识,还贴心的配有中英文常用词汇,当时就觉得这个agent好有文学功底,工作好细致。后有幸在四川一见,人如其名,文如其人,优美,优雅,真诚,令人一见如故。 后在美购房,很自然就请她做顾问,前期很多麻烦的贷款手续丶各类文件签署,晓天都耐心细致地帮我翻译丶解答,真是远远超出一个agent所做的,是亲姊妹那样在帮我操心!!我这里再次感谢晓天姐,这是发自内心的感谢。 不愧是学识全面的专业agent, 为人又真挚的晓天,帮我们在很短的时间内找到了令我们满意的房子!而且正如大家评论的一样,不仅仅是购房,水电费转户丶联系园丁丶种草种树丶装修收房等一系列琐碎的事情都在帮我们打理,就是我们放心贴心的好管家呀。而且每每签署买房过程中的文件,不懂的问晓天,她都是不厌其烦地解释,还协调各方推进过户的进度,最终还很快帮我找到可靠的管理公司,并很快出租了出去,从买到这套新房到顺利出租,晓天真真成了我们最贴心也最信任的顾问和朋友,希望有意在美购房的,就找晓天,她是这样专业丶细致丶真诚!晓天,是最棒的!

Xiao Rong

Jim began the search to find me a house to rent (wasn’t sure I would stay, so I decided to rent not buy).

He found me a wonderful house in a gated community called “THE OASIS” in 3, yes, 3 days. He was so prepared with my qualifications that the landlord rented me the house quickly based on Jim’s knowledge of me, his client. I lived there very happily for about a year and a half. It was then I decided to buy a house in the same gated community. Once again Jim went into action! This time it took a bit longer because each house I looked at had different circumstances. Jim never gave up and kept at it with me. He never faltered and I felt totally protected during my search. It was during this time when I realized how hard Jim worked for me. We put several offers in, had to make changes, submit more paperwork and on and on. Jim never batted an eyelash- he was right on it. His knowledge and experience of 35 years certainly paid off for me. We finally found a short-sale house I loved and the fact that it was a short sale did not even matter. You see, Mr. Guido specializes in that type of sale also!! With his fabulous and comforting help (I got rather crazy at times because short sales have different rules) I am now in the house of my dreams! Because I have such faith in Mr. Guido’s ability, I have hired him to sell my house in Eureka. Guess what? It has now closed escrow, thanks to Jim.

Kathy S.

Client Feedback on James Cottrell How fast did your agent respond to your questions: 5 out of 5 How well did your agent use technology: 5 out of 5 How helpful was the support staff: 5 out of 5 How good was the auxiliary services we recommended: 5 out of 5 How did the closing go: 5 out of 5 How close did we meet your expectations: 5 out of 5 How likely are you to recommend us: 5 out of 5 Services used: Both How did you find us: Other Your most memorable moment Everything.

.. he is great at his job! The moment you'd rather forget? Nothing he is easy to deal with!

Kunversion Client Feedback


Hua Chang

Teri recently helped my family close on a home that had been a cherished part of my family's life for many years.

The care and expertise not only got them top dollar for the home in a short time, but also made the transaction easy for everyone during a difficult and sensitive time. Thank you Teri for taking such great care of everyone involved. You are a true professional.

Anita C.

Darren is a great realtor and great person in general.

He was able to help us find a great house with everything that we asked for at a reasonable price. He met up with us fairly often on the weekends and considering he is a family man, we really appreciated the time he took with us. We were first time home buyers, so the whole home buying process was pretty new to us, but Darren helped us through it and gave some great advice and recommendations. He is definitely someone I would recommend to others.


Lynne Pope is by-far the best real estate agent we have ever used!

She was responsive, knowledgeable, hard working, and dedicated. She gave us personal attention and went above-and-beyond to get our sale done. We HIGHLY recommend Lynne Pope! Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Hermosa Beach, CA.

04/13/2016 - user9728960

When I found the home that I wanted, Dave went right on it and wrote a sure win offer, leaving nothing to chance.

Dave got us the home. Dave kept the entire process positive with his sense of humor. Thanks Dave!!!

Jazmine Cruz

Jim, thank you for all your help with this process.

It’s helped a lot and was really refreshing and reassuring to hear your voice answer the questions I had.

Lissa D. ~ First Time Home Buyer

Greg is the hardest working agent I know!

Knowledgeable, efficient and will get you into the home of your dreams!

Natalie C

As the escrow officer for one of Tom's buyers, I can honestly say he was a pleasure to work with.

He was very efficient and very involved in the transaction. He was always following up and getting the items we required back on a timely matter. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Brian was very helpful very intelligent well assisting me and find a house I never had a ask him about anything he always was ahead of the game and let me know everything that was going on.


i’m a first time home buyer who has had the honor of working with Ms.

Sonia Moncayo. I was initially interested in a small single family house located in the Crenshaw area an Ms. Moncayo met me there but the house was already in escrow with another family. At that time Ms.moncayo arranged for us to visit several properties. She knew all the information pertaining to the property, the amenities as well as the surrounding neighborhood. My husband is in the military therefore Sonia had to do extra work to communicate with the both of us. She followed through on all her promises and was successful with negotiating with the property owner as well as getting our needs met.


一时冲动,想到美国买房。 无奈洛杉矶房产的华人经纪太多,看花眼。索性按照自己的需求选定区域,碰巧看到了范晓天的房产文章介绍,当即打电话过去,我还记得当时她还在机场,刚从回美的飞机上下来。 从看房到最后成交的过程中,范经纪给予了我很大的耐心和帮助。我是一个对美国房产市场一无所知的人,她用极大的耐心一次次解答我提出的疑问,并且给我中肯的建议。为了使房子顺利完成交易,她在出国度假期间也不断的进行工作,打扰了假期,我还要说声抱歉。 感谢范经纪的耐心丶专业的帮助,我向大家推荐。

Juan Yao

It was a great pleasure working with Karen Aaker in the sale of my home in Riverside.

From the beginning, Karen provided her real-estate expertise and presented me with a clear direction and plan for the sale of my house. I have had confidence in her from being to end and would gladly recommend her to others that need a good real estate agent.

Fred Trujillo

We closed an escrow with Tom this month and what true professional realtor.

He was very diligent with getting his clients paperwork back, he communicated with us on a regular basis and had the best attitude! I highly recommend Tom to handle any and all real estate needs if you are buying or selling. We hope to have many more escrows with Tom!


I want to thank Tom for this professionalism!

In this days it's rare to find people like Tom, he go's out of his way to help his clients. I'm an Insurance Agent with Farmers who provides Tom with my services, I been so pleased to work with him. He follows up and responds in a timely manner. Thank you Tom! I pray for more blessings to come your way!! =)


Lynne was a God-sent!

Found her via a blog discussing best schools in LA. Was in LA in March 2016 for a week, exploring lodging possibilities for my family's July 2016 move to the city. Within a week she helped me fine-tune my search criteria, identify and see dozens of properties that matched these criteria, and finally find our dream property on the south bay, at the right price! Her extensive network of highly competent other agents, escrow companies, and lenders, made this out-of-state purchase as smooth as it could be, all with a smile and an infectiously positive attitude. She really felt like family and did her best for ours! If you need to buy or sell your home, just contact Lynne! I'll be entering the same review in all relevant forums. This lady needs to be recognized!! Bought a Townhouse home in 2016 in El Segundo, CA.

08/02/2016 - zuser20140622143938812

Darren is a great realtor and great person in general.

He was able to help us find a great house with everything that we asked for at a reasonable price. He met up with us fairly often on the weekends and considering he is a family man, we really appreciated the time he took with us. We were first time home buyers, so the whole home buying process was pretty new to us, but Darren helped us through it and gave some great advice and recommendations. He is definitely someone I would recommend to others.


Greg was simply awesome!

I've worked with several agents in the past and he definitely stood out. Greg went above and beyond for his buyers and even our firm. He was always available for us and when he wasn't, he would reach back immediately. I was very impressed at his professional demeanor and work ethic. Greg will always put his clients first and will do everything possible to ensure they are well taken care of. As the Mortgage Broker, it was truly a pleasure being a part of this purchase transaction and helping another family accomplish the homeownership dream.

Doug Sorto

This is the first time I ever sold a home, and wasn't sure about the process.

I entrusted Karen as my agent and she explained the process in selling a house. Any questions she answered and was always thorough and made sure I understood. Our house went on the market and we had a buyer in 10 days! Thank you Karen for all you did! Great working with you!

Tom Wilson

Worked hard with some very difficult buyers.

We sol long distance & Darren took care of many details for us and kept us advised of what was happening - even while we were on a cruise!



Zhicheng Jiang

Daniel helped us purchase a home in one of the most sought after places in Los Angeles.

Along with that, we had our list of "must-haves" that made finding our dream home even more limited. With Daniel's dedication, vigilance, and responsiveness, we finally were able to purchase the home of our dreams! Thank you for all the hard work to make this happen for us and highly recommend his services!

Michael Wang

I know Dave as an honest and go-the-extra-mile Mike kind of guy, both in his business and private life.

You can trust him to everything he promised you, or he will not make the promise.

Paul Whetstone

"Beyond being a phenomenal realtor--and making our sale a breeze--he is truly a kind, smart, and engaging human being.

He approached every bump with a calm confidence that in turn kept me calm. I highly recommend Darren on every level."


Lynne listed and sold my home for me.

in a very short time., She is an excellent, knowledgeable agent and I would recommend her to anyone. She is also very caring and thoughtful. Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in West Torrance, Torrance, CA.

04/13/2016 - user0680132

JP is an outstanding professional realtor.

JP was extremely helpful, and he went above and beyond and what was expected as a realtor to get the job done. JP was always on duty. He helped me get my house ready, hosted open houses, and brought many clients to see the house. He went above and beyond the call of duty to get my house the most exposure to potential clients, and got me many offers. And he got my house sold with my asking price within 4 days of the house being ready to show. I give JP Arellano an A+. I cannot say enough good things about JP. He is just a really nice person and he's an outstanding realtor. He will get the job done. I am confident that he will get your house sold at your asking price, or he will get you the house you want to buy at your price. JP is fast, caring, friendly and professional. Thank you for everything JP! You did a great job!

Patty McHenry

In the winter of 2005, my family and I were lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Roxanne Fike.

At that time when the housing market was for sellers like us, Roxanne was able to help us sell our old house in Old Orchard I most expediently. She was also invaluable in helping us find our current house in the Belcaro neighborhood, with which we are greatly pleased. I have come to respect and admire her keen knowledge of the housing market, exemplified in her recommendation that we take advantage of Proposition 17 which was passed in order to help people like us who are over the age of 55. Moreover, we were comforted by the way that such professional expertise was balanced by her sincerely personable nature; she always took care of both my old and current houses as though they were her very own. We truly appreciate (even up to this very moment!) her steadfast dedication to us not only as customers, but as the close family friends that have rapidly become. And her knack for landscaping and interior design hasn't hurt here at the new house!

Cecilia Chao

Amazing and dedicated agent he worked on both the selling and buying of my homes.

He is extremely professional and gets the job done and then some. Thank you Tom Otor for the amazing experience with selling g and buying a new home.


I am happy to write this review about Bryen Wright.

... He showed up at my house on time and ready to help me with getting things together to list my house. He is friendly and professional and offered great help in helping me decide what needed to be done to list my house. In the end I decided to rent it and he still followed up with me,took photos of the house and agreed to help me with the rental and when it comes time to sell it that he would walk me through the process. Most times when people see that you are not ready to sell they drop you. Bryen continues to check in with me and see if there is anything else he can do to help me in the process. I would strongly recommend him because of his honesty and diligence in seeing that all aspects of the house to be listed are taken care of so that the most money for the house will be earned. I look forward to working with him in a few months when the items are taken care of!


Team Godinez are phenomenal real estate agents!

They have exceptional industry knowledge, always available and responsive. Extremely resourceful and were more than willing to facilitate our real estate needs to build our trust and confidence with such a large investment. I highly recommend their services!

Mary & Gilbert Solorzano

我和晓天是10多年的朋友,她在洛杉矶做房地产经纪人十几年了。今年我想到洛杉矶买房子理所当然的就想到了她。看到第五套房子的时候我们下了一个单,但由于多方竞价卖家接受了一个全现的高价offer。其实我心里明白那房并不是我的最爱,幸亏卖家没接受我的offer! 晓天又继续带我看房,看到第10套的时候,我特别喜欢,好像是专门为我定制的,位置很好,新装修的,而且还包括所有家具。当时卖家的要价是82.

5万美元。晓天帮我分析,因为带家具,卖家要价过高,所以上市两个月了还没卖掉,我们可以先把房子谈下来,再另外谈家具。结果晓天以79万美元拿下房子,之后又以$2500拿下所有家具甚至包括床上用品,浴巾和所有装饰品,我太高兴了。我完全信任晓天,把所有的事儿都交给她全权做主,包括和贷款经纪的沟通。 不料在转户进行到最后阶段时,由于在HOA的调查报告中涉及到多项诉讼,贷款方不做详细调查就拒绝了给我贷款并让我另找出路,我好失望啊!可是晓天没有放弃,开始调查小区被诉讼的真正原因,还与小区负责人和律师沟通,获得律师的解释信,又列举了在同一个小区所有卖房贷款成功的案例,做了详细的分析报告让贷款银行重新考虑,最终说服了贷款银行给我放款!救活了Escrow! 交房之后晓天还帮我找了清洁工来打扫房子,又找了可靠的handyman来帮我修理和改造一些小项目。另外晓天不仅帮我联系开通了水,电,气和无线网,还带我采购一些日常生活用品,甚至帮我寻找我的绘画老师直到我安定为止。 现在我已入住,非常满意开心。我对晓天充满了感激!她为我做的事儿远远超过了她的职责范围,就像她在为自己买房一样。我对她满意一百分分!本来我是冲着朋友去找晓天的,可不曾想她名副其实的是一个百分之百的最好的经纪人。

Beifei Dong

Dave was recommended to us by one of our friends .

. and boy!! I m glad we went with him. We was very helpful through the entire process of home buying especially because it is our very first home- right from selection of the property to financing to closing escrow. He made everything very smooth..and our referring friend received a referral fee!! It was win win all the way.

Lata Saxena



Dan Qian

Joe is very knowledgeable and helpful.

He provides solid information and recommendations, and is very responsive to client questions. Managed the closing process smoothly. We were never confused as to what was required of us. Strongly recommend him.


A friend of mine recommended Lauren to help us purchase our home.

Now I'm recommending her to you. She is very informed and knowledgeable. And she was there to answer our questions and advise us any time we reached out to her. She will represent your best interest.

Ellie M

Dave was a great companion, showing me only a few properties before it 'clicked' and I bought my dream house--no fuss, no hassle.

The most beautiful home I have ever lived in (I mean GORGEOUS), in a great neighborhood with fantastic neighbors, and right on a lake. All within a modest price range. I would recommend Dave with absolutely no reservations.

Kim Knox

Jim: Thanks, again, for the great job of finding us a condo.

We love the place, and the location is perfect! Hope all is going well with you.

Ralph and Deb B.

Teri Barton has been a pleasure to work with from day one.

She has represented us as a buyer twice, and a seller once, and every transaction has gone smoothly due to her attention to detail and her caring nature. She goes above and beyond what she's required to do, and continues to take great care of our needs even after the deal is done. Our most recent transaction has been to purchase a house for my parents. In today's competitive market with countless multiple offers on every house we were interested in, Teri's been able to get our offer accepted 3 times on 3 different properties! We always said that we'd better make sure we wanted the house, because with Teri on it, we're almost guaranteed to get it. I'm not sure how she does it, but no one else has even come close. Having Teri on your side is like having a secret weapon. We've loved working with her all these years and we will always go to her for our real estate needs.

Dali Y.

Karen was great to work with.

She is very organized and clearly communicates all the issues involved. Karen worked really hard to find a buyer and to find a house I wanted to buy. I would highly recommend her for buying and/or selling your house.

Pam Alexander

Roxanne晓天,是我心目中值得信赖的专业金牌顾问,五颗星都不足以表达我对她的信任和支持。 从素昧平生,到通过她成功置业,到成为可以随时唠唠家常的好朋友,晓天以她的专业丶敬业丶耐心丶真诚,赢得我们的信任,我愿意向所有认识或不认识的朋友推荐,想去加州置业---找Roxanne晓天!!

Xiao Rong

1年前有缘在这里看到几篇晓天发布的文章,感觉很亲切。年底到加州来时刚好晓天出差没有见面。开春之后开始找房子首先就想到了晓天(^O^)虽然没有见过面,但是文如其人啊,又加上都在日本住过段日子,所以感觉特别亲切!自己在心里决定的是如果在加州购房的话首选晓天(^O^)购房的经过非常非常的顺利!不愧是知识专业 为人又真挚的晓天,帮我们在很短的时间内找到了一栋非常非常别致独特的房子!而且正如大家评论的一样,不仅仅是购房,水电费转户丶联系园丁丶孩子学区调查等等,晓天都是不厌其烦地帮我们全部协调到位!在加州 购房找晓天最安心!我会介绍自己的亲戚朋友购房联系晓天,因为我自己亲身体会到了晓天真挚的帮助!真的 谢谢你 晓天!!



Mao mao Liu

Joe was great.

... from start to finish......thank you for all your help.....two days on the market and sold.....thank you for everything....you are the best.. .

Marie Densing-Collett

我们11月5号完成我在洛杉矶瓦伦西亚房子的过户手续,因为办理了贷款,整个购房过程显得有点复杂,但结果让我非常满意,房款低于市场价格近一成,房屋过户两周就成功对外出租,且租金比较高。非常感激我的经纪人Roxanne Fike 晓天,她有几个方面让我们非常满意:1)她能基于我们的购房需求,购房目的在房屋选择方面给我们专业的意见和建议,她对洛杉矶的市场很熟,并能从客户的角度思考;2)业务熟悉,在贷款银行丶管理公司选择推荐方面非常专业,这是我们能购房成功并能我很感快速。出租的重要原因;3)责任心强,对我们的需求回应快,而且过程中不是从服务的角度而是朋友之间帮忙的角度来思考,沟通和协调问题非常及时;3)非常有耐心和nice ,耐心听取我们的需求,解答疑问,象一个专业的老师.

Yongyou Liu

Lauren did a great job with a probate sale and mom passing away on the property.

We had a lot of open houses and we closed competing with brand new construction. Job well done.

Tim Cimino

Greg was excellent at ensuring our mutual customer was taken care of he was very knowledgeable and helped our customer along the way.

Although we encountered a minor hiccup at the end, Greg was able to ensure our customer was happy and would definitely do business with him again!

Octavio Navarro

Karen helped me buy my first home, and she was great.

She was very thorough and knowledgeable about every detail. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family interested in buying or selling a home.

Jennifer Bautista

Sonia is the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with.

She is very honest, professional, efficient and ethical. She made the process easy and worry free. I hope I can do more business with her in the future. Best Regard

DEDE Widjaja Century 21 West Coast Brokers

My husband and I were very happy with Lauren and how fast and efficient the selling of our house went> When selling a house it can be stressful and emotional.

Lauren is the perfect combination of compassion and professionalism. Her years of experience and down to earth attitude was the perfect fit for our family. We left CA happy with the family that purchased our house and pleased with the amount we got for it

Sharon Premo-Cox

Sonia is full of energy, persistence, and determination when it comes to her work as a realtor.

In our case, she worked as a duel agent where she represented and balanced the needs and interests of both the seller and myself as the buyer. She handled the demands of both parties with great composure and proficiency. She has an uncanny ability to resolve matters with immediacy and in an amicable manner. In our case, she went out of her way to suggest and coordinate outside vendors to help us fix and solve the typical problems that arise upon purchasing a home.On a personal basis she is one of the most charismatic, compassionate, and charming people that I have met while living in Los Angeles. She is not only someone I like working with, but would enjoy having a cup of coffee with. I highly recommend Sonia Moncayo as a realtor.

Becky Jacobus

小天阿姨简直太棒了,我们来美国之后有找过几个房屋经纪人,但是当遇到她之后我们决定就认准她了。理由:亲切友好细心英文棒,带我们看房,看小区,熟悉整个加州的环境以及好的房源,还帮我们跟房产商砍价,最后以我们满意的价格成交了一套全新的刚造好的房子,位置好地段佳,附近就有shopping mall, 学校,总之就是完美。在我们回国这段日子里,小天阿姨很负责,很关心我们的房子,不时地去看看,帮我们收邮件及时通知我们一些重要的信息,我们的部分家电也拜托她帮我们全部搞定,我们真的很感谢她。来加州买房找小天就对了!

Yao Yao

David is tireless and thorough in pursuing what his clients want/need.

If anyone can get the deal done David can, even if it take him hours, days, weeks, or months to get all of the pieces to fall into place.


First an foremost I'd like to say that although Greg Johnson would excel in any career he was absolutely made for this job.

Greg is above all else a people person. His optimistic go-get-em attitude along with quick witted humor makes him exceptionally easy to like. It is clear not only from his words but more importantly his actions that he genuinely cares about other peoples well being and interests. Greg is as resilient and resourceful as they come and always follows through with his word, a valued yet not so common characteristic. He may be a workaholic but it's easy to see he enjoys his work and has fun doing it. Greg's industry knowledge and thorough business practices will instill confidence in any current or future home owner looking for professional help. If you are a person who likes to save/make money when considering Real Estate Long Beach native Greg Johnson is not an option, Greg Johnson is the answer. Even if you aren't ready to sell just yet give the guy a call I am certain you will not regret it. THE YOUNG GUN WHO GETS IT DONE!!!

Steven Clark

I just closed on my awesome new house all thanks to Joe!

He genuinely enjoys the business of finding the right homes for people. I had no idea I could get a house as nice as the one I got but Joe made it happen. The whole process was quick and easy. Joe handled everything and updated me 24/7 as to what was going on. Thanks man, I owe you a beer.

Cody Strong

John made the home buying process as smooth as possible.

His quick response to showings and any questions I had was impressive. I highly recommend him.

Sheryl Farmer

Tanairy was great from the beginning to the end.

We looked at several houses before finding the one for me. Once we looked at the Robidoux house and I decided it was the one for me she wasted no time to get the ball rolling. Tanairy was very transparent with information regarding the house and the seller. I was very impressed with how attentive she was to what I wanted and expected out of the purchase. She followed up promptly on all inspections and documentation necessary to help close in only 3 weeks! My lender was very impressed with her great work ethic and presence during escrow. This was my first home purchse and with Tanairy's positive attitude I felt confident and comfortable despite being a little nervous. I would recommend using her to all my friends and family to sell or buy their next home!

Patricia Suarez

Dave is an very knowledgeable, helpful and very patient agent.

Before we got started, he was extremely helpful in explaining the process and also helping me determine what I was looking for. His best qualities are his dedication to his clients and his patience. He was available to come to look at homes with me 4-5 times a week. he came thoroughly prepared for all the homes we saw which helped in taking some fast decisions. I had some very peculiar requirements in my home and Dave very patiently addressed them. What I liked working with him was at no point, I felt pressurized to give in to something I didn't like whatever the reason. He brings the experience and his knowledge on table to make sure you get what you want and he is available to get you through all parts of the process. we had a particularly difficult seller to deal with but Dave got me in my home right on time.



Xuejie Jia

Dave is wonderful, honest and open and absolutely cares for people.

Chantall Northorp-Harris

My husband remembered Joseph from an open house we had went to almost a year ago and after working briefly with another agent we decided to go ahead and contact Joseph.

Joseph seemed to be very familiar with the area we were interested in and his reviews were very reassuring. Needless to say Joseph not only found us a home that we all absolutely love but he went over and beyond for us. He answered our endless questions all the time at any time of the day (we had a lot of questions all the time). Never ever did he make us feel obligated to do anything or go into something we weren’t 100% sure on which I appreciated the most. There was even a property that he knew we weren’t too convinced of and it also needed a lot of work. Joseph was willing to have a contractor come out and meet us at the property so we would know going into the home how much it would cost us to do the upgrades and repairs we wanted. I don’t know of very many agents who go the extra step like Joseph does to make sure you are not getting into something you would end up regretting. Joseph was honest and upfront with us the entire time we were home shopping and always on top of things without overwhelming us or making us feel pressured in any way. Many know at times buying a home can be a nightmare but thankfully it was a smooth and reassuring process for us. We not only found a great realtor that we will highly recommend to all we know but we also gained a friend. The Vasquez Family and my mom cannot thank you enough for all you did! We’ve already started making memories in our beautiful home that we will cherish forever

Vasquez Family

Darren helped my wife and I find our first home.

He was referred to us by a friend. It took us 1.5 years to find one due to delays on our end. During that time, Darren was patient, professional and made our experience in finding a home a pleasant and fun one. His attention to detail of all the property goes to show he is not only savvy of his trade but cares about his clients. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him as your broker.

Kaz and Kay

Professional, pleasant and perfectly suited in assisting with buying and selling homes.

I found Dave to be at the top of his game with the utmost market expertise. He is not only seasoned but also has a very personal touch that differentiates him from the masses of agents in SoCal. Dave is an excellent communicator which is keen in the fast paced world of real estate. HIs negotiation skills are unsurpassed. Additionally, he has an incredible sense of humor which is an added plus! I had the most enjoyable experience with him in selling a home and then purchasing another. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. He has set the bar so high! ?????????? +++++ for Dave !!!


Superb agent!

Very friendly and throughly listens to his clients. Joe goes out of his way to try to find his clients the house they are looking for. He is he best agent I have ever worked with and would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

Jasen Watts



I had the pleasure of working with Tanairy-RE Agent where we represented the buyers as the lender on the transaction.

I was really impressed with Tanairy, she is an excellent realtor; very energetic, knowledgeable, has great communication skills and was really pleasant to work with. Throughout the transaction she was very helpful, best of all she gets the job done and handles all the details very professionally and in a timely manner. The biggest thing that stood out for me is that Tanairy really cares about her clients; she is genuine and looks out for their best interest. I would highly recommend Tanairy, she is a winner!!! Looking forward to working with you again. Thanks Marisa Davis

Marisa Davis

I couldn't imagine navigating through all of details of our home purchase without the professionalism of Teri and her team.

From the beginning, they looked out for our needs every step of the way, and with such a competitive market, boy were we thankful for Teri and Diane's experience with the neighborhood and local agents. Now that we've been in Altadena for a half year, we couldn't be happier. Thanks Teri and Diane!!

Jimmy Y.

Lynne Pope is by-far the best real estate agent we have ever used!

She was responsive, knowledgeable, hard working, and dedicated. She gave us personal attention and went above-and-beyond to get our sale done. We HIGHLY recommend Lynne Pope! Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Hermosa Beach, CA.

09/29/2013 - bridgetflanigan

If you're looking to sell or by a house Greg Johnson is very professional and his ways and very knowledgeable he would help you get in the right home that you want I highly recommend this person to anybody and my friends.

Raymond Anderson

We were truly blessed to have Karen Aaker as our real estate agent.

Karen was attentive, knowledgeable, thorough and a pleasure to work with. There was no pressure to buy anything from Karen, she just wanted us to be happy with our new home and to get it at the best price possible. Thank you Karen for making home buying so easy for us. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for a professional real estate agent.

Mike and Verenna McLeod

Working with Karen made my home buying experience memorable and pleasurable!

I sat and talked with Karen and she wrote down all my must haves and deal breakers. She was readily available to answer all my questions and I had many!! If she didn't know the answer regarding a potential home, she would contact the listing agent and get back to me right away. Karen never stopped looking for my perfect house and she found it. With only a 21 day escrow I was in my beautiful home sooner than I thought. My home buying experience was more than I could ever ask or imagine. I highly recommend Karen as your Professional Real Estate Agent.

Laura Martinez

The purpose of this email is to commend Roxanne Fike, my realtor.

I have previously sold my last two homes by owner as the result of dissatisfaction with the performance, professionalism and the lack of service I received from previous realtors. I initially attempted to sell my home, 28362 Hidden Hills by owner. Roxanne made an initial presentation to sell my home which was very thorough and professional. She was very respectful and understanding with my desire to sell by owner. She remained supportive and was not overbearing as I moved forward. She demonstrated her knowledge of the current market and ultimately convinced me to list my home with her and Keller Williams Realty. Roxanne made various suggestions to enhance the sale of my home and she immediately began an aggressive marketing strategy. She held a very successful realtor carovan of my home and had several open houses. She kept me well informed and made price recommendations based on the prevailing local real estate market, which competitively priced our home. She successfully worked on our behalf and our home sold in late October 2007. I can honestly tell you that Roxanne Fike did a remarkable job representing me as a home seller, and she has restored my perception and appreciation of realtors. I would refer Roxanne Fike to friends and neighbors without reservation, knowing their real estate transaction would be in very competent hands.

Ron Schram

Daniel is a stellar real estate agent and professional.

My husband and I were in the market for a property in west LA but had some constraints (e.g. specific location, budget, move-in dates, etc.). Daniel worked tirelessly to find us the perfect home and made himself readily available for showings, long phone calls, and anything else we needed. He even helped us resolve our current lease by sourcing potential and qualified tenants right away. Daniel also negotiated a great deal for our home and we couldn't be happier with our new property. Thank you Daniel!

Jennifer Yoo

We couldn't have asked for a better realtor.

Karen was helpful from the first minute we sat down with her and continues to answer our question one month after we moved into our new home! There was a sense of security when working with Karen, we knew we could trust her and that she was looking out for our best interest. I would definitely recommend Karen Aaker, she is trustworthy, honest, and dependable.

Leto and Nancy Carrillo

Bryen Wright is knowledgeable and top notch in his field.

He comes across honest and forthright when it comes to dealing with his clients. It was a pleasure having Mr. Wright negotiate the selling of my home. His constant communication was one of his many assets that I valued. I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends in an instant!


Greg is wonderful.

He is a true professional and he made the whole process of buying a home easy. My husband and I tried to start the process of buying a home a couple years ago, but were very lost with the whole process and did not know where to begin. From our very first meeting, Greg walked us through the whole process and made us feel very confident that we would be homeowners soon after:) He got us in touch with lenders, and we started looking at properties when we were ready. He always put us first, and he made us feel like a priority. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He made the whole process very easy for us. He was always in touch with us, either through text or call, he was available any time of the day. When our first lender did not work out, he took the initiative and started to find us another one. The process didn't skip a beat. We found a listing, the next day we were viewing it, and the following day we put in an offer, and it was accepted. He is very knowledgeable about the whole process, and wrote us up the best offer that worked for us and that would be accepted. We are now home owners after a very smooth escrow. Thank you Greg!

Gloria Scipio

我们从旧金山来到洛杉矶购房~全程都在范小姐的帮助下搞定。历时两个月我和老公终于在chino hills 买下了心仪已久满意的house。范小姐专业知识丰富,业务熟悉,英语流利,还非常有耐心的替我们解决各种问题。尤其是在房子的价钱方面~范小姐始终站在客人立场上替我们着想~thank you~因为房子结缘~我们现在已经成为很好的朋友啦!欢迎范范大美女常来我们家里做客!

Qian Liu

We are so thankful for meeting Jesse that Saturday morning we went house hunting for a rental God put him in our path and blessed us with a beautiful home all because Jesse and Karla made that possible.

They make you feel confident that anything is possible. Great people, and always there to answer all your questions and needs. Thank you for being so awesome Jesse and Karla!

Monique Acuna & Frank Watson

Lauren is the epitome of a true real estate professional.

She was easy to communicate with, worked hard to resolve issues whether big or small, and I would gladly bring another buyer to one of her listings or invite offers from her buyer clients to my listings. I'll look forward to working together again soon.

Todd Pearl

Tom is an expert realtor.

Out of my last 4 property purchases, working with him in buying and selling a home was a very smooth process. I am not the easiest person to work with, as I am very picky. He was always kind and patient in explain things to me, not to mention honest. This type of honesty and integrity in real estate deserves recognition. If I could nominate him for an award, I would. For now, I hope this 5++++++ star suffices. I definitely recommend him for a quick sell of your property. He gets you the best price that you can possibly get, and is always on time and readily accessible. You will not miss a buyer with Tom. As a buyer with him, he was great in helping me find a replacement property and took personal time to show me my options. He is an expert negotiator as well. We hope to work with Tom in all our future real estate transactions.



找她买房子一定不会让你失望的!很感谢范姐帮我在自己喜欢的城市买到了自己喜欢的房子,环境价格都是我非常满意的,因为自己的英文不好,却又想在白人区生活,所以房子买好后的水电煤气网络垃圾都是范姐帮忙联系的,其实这些应该是自己弄的,可是范姐很轻松的说这叫售后服务,还承诺以后有看不懂的文件也可以帮我翻译,让我十分感动。 很幸运能成为你的顾客和朋友,真心祝愿范姐身体健康,工作顺顺利利~

Xiao Wei

We were very blessed to have Karen help us buy our new home!

! We had never thought we would ever need to move from our home (in the family for three generations) nor did we want to. We had come to the realization that we needed something much easier to care for. We didn't really know anything about house buying. We were really stressed about the idea!! Karen filled in every blank with patience. She is very easy to work with because she kept us informed, always answered our questions in a timely manner, and alerted us to important things we might need to think about. We trusted her totally!! Karen made a very hard decision much easier and we are at peace with it because Karen was always available, dependable, and hard-working. We trust Karen and would recommend her to anyone!!!!

Clarence and Susan Kirtley


Jian Xin

I have purchased many homes in my career and have used plenty of good agents.

I will have to say that Greg is my go to top agent I will be be calling on for now on. Can't believe how easy my deal went.. Closed in 25 days and it was Greg that was the one who gets all the credit. I was the buyer and Greg had to walk the sellers agent through the entire process. Job well done Greg!

Bill Jordan

Working with Karen Aaker exceeded any of my expectations.

I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away Karen was incredibly friendly and took time to sit down with me to determine what would be a good fit for myself and my daughter. Karen was willing to meet me late in the evening to accommodate my busy schedule and was always able to be reached. She was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level. I truly believe Karen's expertise helped tremendously in my offer getting accepted. I highly recommend Karen!!

Martha Garcia


Qihong Yu

The process of finding a new house is never easy, however I am lucky and blessed to have the opportunity working with a brilliant and hardworking realtor, Tom Otor, who made great efforts in supporting our family in the best possible way!

Tom Otor started our process by locating several prospective properties that met our basic requirements, and took to consideration all the things that we were looking in our new residence. Tom thereafter scheduled all meetings in accordance to fit my busy schedule, made email correspondences as well as many phone call inquiries to reply on my questions and concerns, but mostly he made us feel that we are in good hands. Even after we have already moved during last weekend, Tom continuously kept assisting us in various communications in this regards, including electric issues, insurances, and etc. Our personal impression is that Tom Otor is a true professional, he is very detail oriented, while he absolutely has all the right skills to carry on any deal, ever the most challenging one as we had ;). We are convinced that Tom is devoted to what he does, treats everyone with great respect and we truly feel that we could not have chosen a better person to assist us with this process. I am proud to be his client, and warmly recommend his services. Thank you Tom, you are the best!!!


Dave is professional, knowledgeable and funny!

We gave him our criteria and he showed us only the homes that met that criteria - he did not try to upsell as many realtors do. He often made suggestions that turned out to be of more assistance in our search. When it came time to sign the paperwork, there were a few glitches (not because of Dave!) but he went out of his way and drove from San Diego to Orange county TWICE to make sure that we closed the deal on time. Thank you, Dave!

Joseph & Jeanette

We interviewed several agents, but Lynne and Kat were the most helpful and upbeat.

They were the Ying and the Yang--what one didn't think of the other did. Lynne priced it right from the start and took care of the staging. We had 2 offers the first week and our final offer closed in less than 2 months. Since we moved to the East coast after the listing, Lynne handled all the details for us and kept of informed of everything including signing all the many documents. They are gems and I am glad we found then through Trulia. They sent us a detailed review of our house and like houses so we added them to our list of agents to review. We are so glad we did! Sold a Condo home in 2014 in Redondo Beach, CA.

07/26/2014 - Penny Kell


Tom 飞得太慢

We can't thank Teri enough for her amazing work and patience and thoughtfulness in helping us buy our home!

We purchased our second home with Teri and because we had such an unpleasant experience with the realtor from our first home experience it was really important to find someone that was the correct fit. We worked with a tight budget and had very particular needs when it came to location. Teri took our needs and always kept them front and center in her work with us. Never once did it feel like she was trying to convince us to purchase a home we didn't want and she always had our best interests at heart. During the escrow her help was invaluable as she helped us get inspectors in and our in a very aggressive timeline. If you're searching for an agent who will work hard from the first day you meet her, through and beyond the purchase of your perfect home look no further thank Teri Barton and her team!!!

Dana V.

Overall star rating: 5.

0 Ratings Breakdown: 5 stars (4), 4 stars (0), 3 stars (0), 2 stars (0),1 stars (0) 2017 Gavin R. 08/12/17 Over the last few years, I have dealt with agents from around the USA mainland. I will say unequivocally that James Eklund has treated me in the most professional, informative and helpful way with a humanitarian side as well! He really DOES give a dam about his clients. I would trust his judgement on all matters in property, completely.

Gavin R.

Darren Scott was very professional, it was truly a pleasure working with him.

He took care of getting any issues in the house taken are of and answered all my questions very promptly. My house sold the first weekend it went on the market, I was surprised of how quickly and painless this process was.


This letter is long overdue.

Roxanne Fike helped me to purchase my first home...located in Van Nuys, CA. Her service was exceptional! She was on top of EVERY SINGLE DETAIL from the very beginning. We worked with the seller's agent, who happened to be somewhat rude and unprofessional at times yet Roxanne maintained a professional demeanor the whole time. I had her cell phone number and office number and she made herself available to me throught out the weeks and months leading up to the purchase. She allowed me to call her even on the weekends and evenings. There was no end to the excellent level of service she offered me. I mean, at every hand she was there for me, encouraging me, explaining each step (appraisal, inspection, escrow, etc and the respective procedures). In short, she went above and beyond the call of duty the whole time. I'm sure I was not her only client yet she made me feel as though I was. She was warm, compassionate, caring and humble, although given her career background and educational accomplishments she has many reasons not to be humble. The saying is true: "No ones cares how much you know until one knows how much you care." She did care and she deserves to be recognized and awarded for her service.

Myisha J. Blackman

Hello Sonia On behalf on my family & myself, we would like to thank you!

! For helping us get our house to which contains a lot of our family’s history. May God bless you today & always. We will definitely be referring you to our friends & family. Once again from my family & I, thank you.

Yolanda Vargas

My experience with Karen was very pleasant!

The transaction was fast and smooth, she went above and beyond for us. I will recommend her to family and friends.

Buyer in San Bernardino

Darren provided tangible service throughout the entire sales process.

His honesty, integrity, and vast knowledge of the real estate business and local community are unparalleled. Darren drove this sale from pre-sale prep to close in a calm professional manner. The deal would likely fallen apart without his tenacity


If you are looking for a high quality real estate professional, look no further.

Greg Johnson of Progress Realty is your #1 choice! Greg's professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market allows for the utmost customer service for his clients. Whether you're a buyer, seller or investor, Greg will service your wants/needs in a systematic, timely, and professional manner. Contact Greg for all your real estate needs, it is a decision that you will not regret. You will be happy to know you earn a realtor for life with Greg.

Cole Riley

I was introduced to Daniel and his team through a family friend.

Being a first time home-buyer, my wife and I had many questions in regards to the overall process. Daniel was very informative and took his time to listen to our needs/wants for our first house. He guided us through a rather complex deal and got our offer accepted! Needless to say, if you are in the market to buy a home, you will be in great hands. Thank you Daniel!

Nak Kim

It was always a pleasure working with Daniel.

Daniel made a concerted effort to bend the flexibility of an otherwise inflexible party. I ended up with the property I wanted under the terms I needed.

Robert Wolfsen

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